Selecting a Backup Type. Exiland Backup Screenshot

The Exiland Backup software supports four methods of backing up data: full backup, differential backup, incremental backup and synchronization data. A type of backup defines how the data is copied from the source to the destination. With this four backup types you can select the best backup and restore strategy for any kind of your data according to your requirements.

Limitation of the number of FULL backups

This limitation may be set for all backup types except Synchronization. You may set the number of full backups to be kept (after the number is reached, older backups are automatically deleted). If this limitation value is set, for example 10, then most old backups will be deleted before creating a new backup. If you are using the Incremental/Differential backup type, then during the deletion an old full backup of the Incremental/Differential backups created after it are also deleted.

Number of incremental/differential backups between FULL backups

If you have chosen the incremental/differential backup type, you must also specify this parameter. It shows how many incremental/differential backups must be created after creating a full backup. A full backup is created every time this limitation is reached.

Selecting a Backup Type (backup types,full backup,differential backup,incremental backup,synchronization data,backup strategy)