Where to store backups. Exiland Backup Screenshot

Here, you can select the storage folder(s) in which you wish to store your backups. Select one or more destination folder(s) to store your backups. The first folder is the main and the other folders are duplication. The order of the selected folders is important because a backup will be created in the first folder, and then it will be duplicated to second, third, etc., according to its order.

Below, you can specify the template of the backups naming. Exiland Backup allows you to specify the template for the names of your backups so that the names of the created backups depend on the creation date and time.

Low disk space warning

This feature is very useful for controlling the free disk space on a disk. To use this feature, you need to specify the amount of megabytes and, by reducing it, the warning will show in the log.

Where to store backups (Where to save backups)