Screenshots of the Exiland Backup - file backup software

After you start Exiland Backup, you will see the main window of the program.

The main window is divided into two parts: a list of backup tasks/groups at the top and the task details tabs below. In addition, the main window contains the main menu, and the toolbar at the top. The task list is empty when the program is opened for the first time because no tasks have been created yet. You need to create a new backup task first. The bottom part of the main window contains the following tabs: list of source files to backup, start time, created backups list, and log of the selected task/group.

Exiland Backup is a file backup software
Main window of Exiland Backup

Exiland Backup. Source files and folders that you want to back up
New backup task wizard.
Source files and folders
Backup Type
Selecting a Backup Type
ZIP compression, encryption during a backup
ZIP compression, encryption
Where to store backups
Where to store backups
Creating a Backup Schedule

Creating a Backup Schedule
Run backup tasks on specific conditions
Conditions to run backup tasks
Run third-party programs or commands before/after the execution of a backup task
Launch external applications
Notifications (e-mail, Net Send, screen) after a backup
Notifications (e-mail, Net Send, screen)
Scan of the source size
Preliminary estimation of the source size
Created Backups
Created backups
Backup in progress
Indication of backup process