Free, Standard and Professional editions

Added synchronization files from FTP to a local/network disk

The previous version allows you to synchronize files from local/network disk to FTP server. Now you can also synchronize files from FTP server to a local/network disk.

Added ability to use the "archive bit" to determine whether a source file is changed (attribute of file)

The archive bit is a file attribute used by operating systems. When a file is created or modified, the archive bit is set. When a file has been backed up by Exiland Backup, the archive bit is cleared. In some cases the date modified and the size of a file does not change even if file is changed. For example, when changing a big file crypto containers created by TrueCrypt. In this case it is recommended to use the "archive bit" to determine whether a source file is changed. You can select a way how the Exiland Backup determines whether source files are changed: using date modified or using archive bit. By default, used date modified. You can select this opportunity in the task properties (Other settings). New opportunity is very effective if you are using the synchronization backup type.

Added SSL/TLS support (ports 465,587) for sending e-mails from,, etc

Some SMTP servers such as are using encryption for sending emails. They are require 465, 587 ports for a message transfer in secure. Now Exiland Backup allows you to send email notifications using encryption.

Algorithm of synchronization files is greatly optimized

The number of comparing in the program is reduced. The analyzing of changes is greatly accelerated.

Algorithm of copying of files via local network is greatly accelerated

When copying files on a local area network an acceleration by 2-3 times is made.

Algorithm of ZIP compression is also accelerated

If the storage folder is located in the network the program will compress data in the temporary folder, then the created ZIP-archive will be copied via local network. (It is faster than compress each source file via local network).

Algorithm of scanning of files is optimized

Some operations are removed (for example, the getting file creation date). File modification date is important for backup.

Checking of accessibility of source/destination disk when file copying error

It sometimes happens that a computer that copies or receives files suddenly reboots. A connection with a flash drive or an external HDD may also be lost due to a shortage of USB power supply, long wire or it may be pulled out by a user while files are copying. In other words, if you start copying files and find out that the connection with a FTP-server, local/network drive, shared folder in a local network or Internet has been lost, the program will now behave as correctly as possible. It means that it won't freeze or return an error but will log a connection loss and wait for the connection to restore for N seconds (180 seconds by default). This behavior will help protect against short-term connection losses with a drive or Internet. Number of seconds is set in the program's general settings.

Added checking of accessibility of main storage location before starting a task

Previous version of the program scanned the source folders and afterwards it could be discovered that the disk for saving the backups was unavailable. As the result, the backup was not created and the time was wasted on scanning. The new version initial checks the availability of the disk to store the backups.

Added ability to cancel of current task on the top panel (the "Run Task" button changes to "Cancel Task")

If you select the task in the task list while this task is running, you will see the "Cancel" button instead of "Run" button. Also you can cancel and suspend (pause) them from the context menu in the System Tray (right-click on the icon at the right bottom).

Added the "Open folder with backup" context menu item is added to 'Created backups' tab

If you want to open the backup folder in Windows Explorer select the created backup in the backup list, then right click on the "Open folder with backup" item. The folder will be opened in new window and the backup will be selected.

The "Tools -> Language" menu item is added

Now you can change the language in the main menu of the program.

The [DayOfWeek] variable for template of backups naming is added

The name of backup depends on several variables (year, month, day, hour, etc). Now the [DayOfWeek] variable is available. This variable will be replaced to text showed a day of week. For example, the ZIP archive can be named "MyBackup_2015-01-01 (Friday).zip"

Fixed an error where hidden main window is incorrectly shown when restoring application from tray

If you are attempting to enter password the main window may be minimized at left bottom of the screen. In this case you can maximize the main window without entering password. This bug is fixed.

Scale when deleting files from destination folder (synchronization)

In new version when deleting files the progress bar is displayed at right bottom.

Delete files with Read-Only attribute

New version of Exiland Backup turns off the Read-Only attribute before deleting each file from the destination folder

Fixed an issue where the application may create full backup instead of incremental/differential

In some cases the program did not analyze changes and created full backup. This bug is fixed.

The option "[x] Create FULL backup in any case" is also active for full backup

If no files have been modified since the last backup, full backup will not be created. However, if you want to create a full backup, please set the option "[x] Create FULL backup in any case" on manual task start. Also, you can use this opportunity in automatic mode.

Professional edition

Ability of managing and configuring service in the settings program is added

This allows you to manage service in the program without Windows Control Panel. The settings of Exiland Backup Professional service are located at top yellow panel.

Fixed an issue where the Login form appear on Windows startup

When Exiland Backup starts on Windows startup it is minimized. But if a password is set then the Login form appear on the screen. This bug is fixed.

The number of errors like "Could not prepare SQL statement" is reduced

Sometimes these errors occur in Exiland Backup Professional. The number of these errors is reduced.

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