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The multi-threaded copy files support

The previous version allows you to copy files using only one thread. When a large number of files need to be copied the process could take many hours or even days. The multi-threaded copy files support is the main features of Exiland Backup in the version 4.0. The entire list of source files are evenly splits in threads, each of threads copies only its file set. All copy threads works simultaneously. Increase in speed you can feel especially when copying files over LAN, FTP.

Ability to exclude subfolders/files from backup by mask

Version 3.9 of Exiland Backup allows you to specify a fixed list of subfolders to exclude from the backup. But there are cases where a list of subfolders is not fixed (not known in advance). In the Exiland Backup 4.0 you can specify a mask for subfolders. For example, you can exclude all of these subfolders:


just adding only one mask "images\*_tmp"

Reliability of the program was increased

The new version 4.0 is more stable compared with the previous in the case of error handling. The program was optimized in some parts of program code.

The problem with the file path length longer than 259 characters is solved

Some file full names (directory + file name) are too long. Exiland Backup allows you to copy files with long path names (more than 259 characters) using low-level access to the drive (this allows you to bypass the restriction of the Windows operating system on a path length of 259 characters). However, when archiving data in ZIP limit on the path within the archive is 260 characters - a limitation of the ZIP format.

The error "1219 - Multiple connections to a server or shared resource be the same user, using more than one username, are not allowed" is fixed

This bug has been fixed in 4.0 version of Exiland Backup. It is not critical, so the task continues to execute.

The algorithm of the deleting source files was corrected

In the version 3.9 were found situations where the source files are not completely deleted. The algorithm of deleting files was fixed in the version 4.0.

Ability to run a third-party applications under specified account

Version 3.9 of Exiland Backup allows you to run third-party applications only under current account. In new version you can specify account under which you want to run an external application. Format: "Domain\Username" and "Password". All passwords are stored in secure (encrypted form). NOTE! By default, in the Professional version an external applications is performed under the service account (see the settings of Exiland Backup Professional service).

The option "[x] Interrupt group execution if this task has errors" is added

There are cases when no need to execute the remaining tasks in a group, if one of the tasks completed with errors. The option "[x] Interrupt group execution if this task has errors" allows you to interrupt the sequence of tasks in the group when the task completed with errors.

Showing information (time/speed) when backing up files

The speed of copying files and remaining time are displayed under the progress bar (System Tray). Using this information you can know how much time remain to the operation complete.

The "Task - Save settings to ..." menu item is added

If you need to reinstall the Exiland Backup or Microsoft Windows, it is recommended to make a backup of all the settings (file "ExilandBackup.tid"). Select the "Task - Save settings to ..." menu item, and specify an any folder to save the settings file. It is recommended to store the settings file to non-system disk.

The "Copy" and "Scan" buttons was duplicated in context menu

The "Copy" and "Scan" menu items have been duplicated in the context menu that appears when you right-click on a task.

The "Change" button was added in the "Help - About Exiland Backup" window

You can change your registration information through the "Help - About Exiland Backup" menu. This can be useful when re-license case or issuance of a new license key to replace.

The problem of switching between backups and logs was solved

The list of backups and logs are stored in seperately tabs. You can switch between them using the context menu (right mouse button) on a log record, or a backup. In the version 3.9 were found situations where this switch did not work. This problem is resolved.

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