Exiland Backup is a simple file backup and synchronization solution for Windows workstations and servers. The questions and answers below apply to this program.

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How to install Exiland Backup Standard onto an external hard drive?

06/23/2022 00:44 AM

I recently restored a week old image file using Macrium Reflect due to a problem I had on my computer. As I had installed Exiland Backup Standard onto my C drive I also lost the data that I had backed up for that week using Exiland Backup. Can I delete Exiland Backup from my C drive and install onto an external hard drive?

Exiland Backup support
06/23/2022 00:45 AM

Hello John,
No problem.
To uninstall the program please run the "C:\Exiland Backup Standard\uninst000.exe" file.
To install the program onto an external hard drive you can use the portable version that doesn’t require installation
you can run «setup.exe» and install the program onto an external hard like "F:\Exiland Backup Standard"
All settings are stored in the "WorkingFolder\ExilandBackup.tid" file. It is created when you first run the program. 
You can locate the settings file using menu "Tools - Open work folder with the task settings".  
If you plan to reinstall Windows or Exiland Backup, and you want to save your settings, you need copy the "ExilandBackup.tid" file to any safe location 
(a non-system disk, external disk). After reinstalling Exiland Backup, when you run Exiland Backup for the first time, you will be prompted to specify 
the saved file – the program will copy it to the work folder.
Best Regards,
  Mikhail Vashin,
  Exiland Backup developer