Regular backup operations can ensure you the safety of your files.

Once backup tasks are set up, you can make backups with a single mouse click or automatically.
You will find this program incredibly suitable regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced computer user.

Free file backup software

Exiland Backup Free 4.4

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This utility is a free, light and fast file backup and folders sync software. It lets you easily copy your important files to various storages: local, network drives, FTP servers, or other removable media (such as USB HDD or flash drives). The program can also duplicate your backups to different places: remote server, FTP, or removable disk. The program saves your disk space by compressing your backups as ZIP files. Exiland Backup Free is extremely easy to use and suitable for all Windows users. You will find this program incredibly suitable regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced computer user.

You can download Free version and use it absolutely free of charge.

Backup solution for home

Exiland Backup Standard 4.4

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This is a simple file backup software, that help you backup and restore your important files (documents, projects, reports, e-mails, pictures, audio files, etc.) automatically on schedule to various storages: local and network disks, FTP servers, removable devices, etc. The software supports four backup types: full, incremental, differential, and synchronization data. It saves your disk space by compressing your data as ZIP files. The program is extremely easy, small and fast, taking just a little of system resources. It is an ideal backup solution for desktop and laptop computers, for your business or personal use. You can download Free version to try out before you decide to buy the Standard edition of the program.

Backup solution for business

Exiland Backup Professional 4.4

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Exiland Backup Professional is a full featured edition. It includes all features of Standard Edition, plus it allows you to backup files from many computers in local network, copy data from another computer using a specified account (login, password) and save backups on any storages. Professional Edition works as Windows service.
It is excellent suited for backup any data in local network: working documents, database files, websites, user files, etc. You can download a demo version to try out before you decide to buy. Be sure of the safety of your files with automated backups!

Key features of Exiland Backup

File backup software - Exiland Backup
Main window of file backup software

This features list contains common features of all Exiland Backup products. See the Feature Comparison Chart to compare features of each editions.

  • Four backup types
    The utility supports four methods of backing up data: full backup, differential backup, incremental backup and synchronization data. Back up new files or files that have changed since the last backup.
  • Flexible backup scheduler
    Back up files automatically (using built-in scheduler) or manually; Flexible scheduler. Ability to run backup tasks on PC start, on connect USB device or run tasks from Windows command line.
  • Source data
    You can back up files and folders from any location such as: Local / Network drives, flash drives, removable disks, or remote FTP servers. Powerful file filters for source data (masks, attributes, excluded subfolders, etc.).
  • Store backups in a local folder, on another computer in the same LAN, on USB drives or other removable media, or on FTP.
  • Duplication of your backups for reliability purposes to any locations: Local / Network drives, shared folders, removable disks, FTP servers,
    e-mail as an attachment, etc.
  • Fast Zip compression
    The program can create backups with compression in standard Zip format or copy files "As Is" (without compression). The program can create zip files larger than 4Gb, Zip64 format is supported. Password protection to keep your files private. AES encryption supported (128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit key strengths), splitting large ZIP archive into multiple volumes.
  • Data restoring
    You can quickly and easily restore the lost files from a backup to the specified folder or to their source location.
  • Automatically deleting the oldest backups
    You can set a maximum number of backups to keep. Before creating a new backup the old backup is deleted. This saves your disk space.
  • Run third-party programs
    You can launch third-party applications or shell commands before or after the execution of a backup task.
  • Run a task under specified condition
    You can set the running a task under the specified condition such as: if the specified file/folder exists/does not exist, if the specified host is accessible (Ping), or if the specified application is running/is not running. If you have defined several conditions, then to create a backup all the defined conditions must be met.
  • Three notification types
    The history of all backup activities are registered in a log (report). You can specify where a report for each task will be sent after the execution of a backup task. The utility supports three notification types: (e-mail or mobile phone, Net Send, screen). You may use each type of notification independently.
  • Sending backups via e-Mail
    If you use ZIP compression you can set the sending a created backup via e-mail as an attachment. This feature will be useful to you if you should send some data regularly via e-mail.

All features ...

Free/Demo version limitations

  • No run tasks on schedule (run tasks manually only, by clicking the "Run" button in the program)
  • No priority technical support
  • NAG screen

The advantages of the registered version

  • Ability to automatically run your backup tasks on scheduler
  • All following versions and updates free of any charge
  • Priority technical support
  • No NAG screen
  • Lifetime unlimited license

You can see the price and purchase a license on the page

After paying, you will receive the license key with the instruction to download full version (Standard or Professional).


April 28, 2017

Forums of Exiland Backup has been added.

April 14, 2017

Documentation of Exiland Backup has been published online.

January 1, 2017

New version 4.4 of Exiland Backup was released. User interface was translated to German. Also, some features are added and some defects of version 4.3 are fixed. See version history for details.

November 23, 2016

New version 4.3 of Exiland Backup was released. Some improvements and optimizations are made in the program. Several errors are fixed. See version history for details.

July 11, 2016

New version 4.2 of Exiland Backup (Free, Standard, Professional) are released. The main features of version 4.2 is unicode support. Furthermore, some improvements are made in the program. Several errors are fixed. See version history for details.

Advantages of Exiland Backup

  • The software is easy to learn and easy to use
  • Very user-friendly interface
  • The program was optimized for speed
  • Consumes very little system resources
  • Comprehensible logging backup operations
  • Fast technical support
  • The program is updated regularly
  • Low license cost
  • Unlimited time of the software's use. All further versions and updates of the program will be FREE
  • One of a most popular backup software. Nice user opinions


The license period of Exiland Backup is not limited by time! In addition, once registered, you will get all further versions and updates of the program FREE!
Discounts are supported!!!

User opinions

Kevin (California):

Very good product. I am so happy to have found Exiland Backup and have no problems. It is really ergonomical, small and fast, taking just a little of system resources (particularly RAM memory).

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