Exiland Backup is a simple file backup and synchronization solution for Windows workstations and servers. The questions and answers below apply to this program.

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Transferring to a new computer

05/15/2023 12:07 AM



I have a demo version of your program installed and wish to use my existing license key... how do I do this to make my demo version work as your standard version?


Hope you can help.



John Holton

Mikhail Vashin
Exiland Backup support
05/15/2023 05:49 AM


All you have to do is update your demo to the full version.

How to update?

If your are using 6.4 or 6.5 demo, select the "Help - Check for Updates" menu item. Otherwise, download the Updater, save it to the Exiland Backup folder, and click "Unblock" in the properties of this file. Run the "Updater.exe" (preferably elevated if the program is located in Program Files).