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Full path information inside ZIP archive (backup)

01/25/2022 13:21 PM

Dear Developers,

I want to keep the full path to each file inside the ZIP archive starting from the root of the disk.
How can I do this?

Thanks in advance.

Exiland Backup support
01/25/2022 13:24 PM


Please open your source folder properties.
You need select "Keep path information inside a backup" option.as shown at the picture.

HappyAdmin,Please open your task settings by click

Exiland Backup support
01/25/2022 13:32 PM

By the way, you can see new paths of files inside future backup before you create a backup.
To do this, select your backup task in the list and click on the Scan button located on the top panel.

This feature allows you to scan and know the size of the source data according to the specified attributes, masks as well as know paths of files inside future backup!

01/25/2022 13:33 PM

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

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