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The speed of copying files via FTP / SFTP has increased significantly!

01/25/2022 08:59 AM


My task creates backups of the website files based on the Wordpress engine. Recently I downloaded version 4.8 and was very pleasantly surprised how it works. In version 4.7, files were copied in 50 minutes, and version 4.8 copied them in just 20 minutes! As it turned out, it's all about quickly scanning the source files. In version 4.7, scanning took about 21-23 minutes, and now - only 2 minutes 5 seconds (11 times faster). It is fantastic!

How did you manage to speed up the scan so quickly?
Thank you very much for the program!

Exiland Backup support
01/25/2022 08:59 AM

Thank you, I'm glad that you liked the innovation made in version 4.8.
Answering your question, I can say this: One of the Exiland Backup users is configured task to synchronize the files via the SSH (SFTP) protocol to the local disk. If only 2-3 files have changed on the site, then the copying them takes only 5 seconds, but takes 2 hours to scan the all files! As a result, task is performed 2 hours 5 seconds. We began to study the problem and found out that a lot of time was spent reading folders via FTP / SFTP (entering the folders). We decided to do it in parallel, in several threads. As you can see, the result is excellent.

Good luck in using the program!

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