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Database backup

05/02/2023 01:55 AM

Currently, I am using the Exiland Professional version to backup FTP folders, so I am unable to copy any database files.

I am very excited to receive the database backup update. Could you please inform me when the new update is released?

Have a nice day.


Mikhail Vashin
Exiland Backup support
05/02/2023 02:56 AM

Hello Husam,

As I mentioned earlier, we plan to make support of database backups in future releases. First of all - MySQL and PostgreSQL.  What DBMS are you interested in first of all?

Probably, in version 6.6, which we plan to release in the middle of summer, database backups will not be implemented yet. It is more likely that our program will be able to back up databases starting with version 6.7, which we plan to release in September-October.


Best Regards,
  Mikhail Vashin,
  Exiland Software Support Team 

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