Exiland Backup Feature Comparison Chart (2 editions)

Exiland Backup has the following editions:

View the Feature Comparison Chart to learn about the differences between the Standard and the Professional editions. This chart will help you choose the right edition for you.

Feature Standard Prof­essi­onal
Mode Windows Application
(Usually installed on a workstation)
Windows Service
(Usually installed on a Windows Server)

Backup Types

Full backup
Differential backup
Incremental backup
1-way file synchronization (update backup)
Flexible built-in scheduler for automatic backup

Source Files and Folders (what to back up)

Files / folders on local, removable, external drives
Files / folders in local network
(limited, from one PC only)
FTP files and folders (for example, files of websites)
SSH (SFTP) files and folders
Data from another computer by using the specified account (login, password) with proper access rights

Destination Folders (where to back up)

Local drives, removable devices
Network locations, NAS storages
FTP servers
SSH (SFTP) servers

Data Restoration

Listing the files stored in a backup
Restoring the files to the specified folder
Restoring the files to their original location

Additional Features

Duplication of backups to other disks/servers
VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) to back up locked files such as MS Outlook (*.pst, *.ost), MSSQL (*.mdf, *.ldf), and etc.
Run as service
Automatic deletion of the oldest backups
Filters of the source files by mask, regular expression, date, age, size
ZIP, 7-Zip settings (encryption, compression level, splitting archive, other capabilities)
Support for volume name in paths instead of drive letter
Protection of archives against file-encrypting ransomware
Multi-threaded copying
Ability to run third-party application commands before/after the execution of backup tasks
Optional of deleting of the source files once the task has been completed
Protection of the program by password
Flexible settings of saving the original path inside a backup
Ability to back up the file with Exiland Backup settings
Ability to run tasks on specified conditions
Notification via e-mail
Notification by on-screen message
Windows Event Log Notification
Ability to run tasks from the command line
Ability to adjust CPU usage
Task management (pause, stop, cancel, change the order in the queue)
Backup logging

License cost (Quantity discounts are available)

Perpetual Single License (1 PC) $ ? $ ?
Perpetual License for unlimited PCs in your company $ ? $ ?