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We have a list of questions divided into two groups: common questions and technical questions.
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FAQ: Questions and answers regarding Exiland Backup - file backup software

Common questions, registration, licensing, purchasing, license key delivery

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I plan to install Exiland Backyp on more than one computer. How much licenses of Exiland Backup I must register? According to the License agreement, you must register several copies of Exiland Backup. For example, to use Exiland Backup on two computers you need to acquire 2 licenses. Price per license depends on the quantity of copies (more copies you buy, lower the price per copy). Visit the Purchase page for information on discounted prices.
Do you offer discounts ? Yes, we offer quantity discounts. If you are interested in placing a large quantity order, we will offer you a special discount. For this, contact us via feedback form

Technical questions (installing/updating, support, bug fixes)

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How can I set sending backup report to mobile phone?
(Version: all)
To do this you have to set sending short notification on e-mail, as the e-mail address you must specify the phone e-mail. To receive SMS messages from e-mail to mobile phone, you must enable email-to-SMS service on your mobile provider. To receive short messages select the "Short notification (it is recommended to send as an SMS)" option in a task properties (section "Notification").
How to automatically shut down the computer after a task has been completed?
(Version: 3.5 or later)
You can set the shut down, log off, reboot, hibernate, and sleep functions after executing a task. This feature is available in the task properties ("Other settings" section).
How Exiland Backup can safe critical data from fire ?
(Version: 3.0 or later)
For maximum security, you shouldn't keep the backup in the same building as your computer. You can save your backups on a remote FTP server or in Local Area Network (LAN). If there is a fire or theft, both copies of the data could be lost if they are located together.
Can the Exiland Backup create an image of a hard disk?
(Version: all)
No, Exiland Backup helps you to avoid losing your most important computer files. You can select files and folders to backup.
How do I pause/resume a task ?
(Version 3.0 or later)
During a task execution you can pause/resume it. These functions are accessible through a popup menu in the system tray.
How can I view all queued tasks ?
(Version: 3.0 or later)
Exiland Backup has a backup tasks queue. To view the current tasks list in the queue, click the "Queue" button in the main window.
During backup operation I receive the following error: Error creating the ZIP archive: "Duplicate Object index". How to avoid this error?
(Version: 4.0 or later)
This error is associated with non-unique paths of files in ZIP archive. To ensure the uniqueness of file names you must set the "[x] Create the prefix subfolder in the backup" option in the properties of each source folder or set the "[x] Save full path information" option in Other settings of your task.