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We care about our customers - this is one of the key tasks of our company. We always give an answer at any your question. Processing your request may take 1-2 business days, depending on your particular situation. On holidays and weekends a delay with an answer is possible.

Before contacting our support team, please read our online FAQ page - it is possible that there you will find an answer to your question.

Our technical support works around the clock.

If you have a problem with Exiland Backup, please describe the situation as detailed as possible: sequence of your actions (mouse clicks, keystrokes, selection of menu items, etc.), what error message appears or what you see on the screen (send a screenshot if possible).

We provide two communication ways of your choice:

1) Feedback form (recommended)

For purchase, technical support and any other questions. Please fill out the form below and click the "Submit" button. We'll see your message immediately and we will answer you soon.

If you have access to Your Account, log in and ask your question on the "Support" tab

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2) Email

Our email address is
This way is convenient for solving technical problems, sending us screenshots with details of the problem, and any other questions.