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Exiland Backup Free and Standard is periodically updated and released new versions according to your suggestions.
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Exiland Backup Free and Standard: Version History

Below you can read a detailed version history for Exiland Backup Free and Standard.

June 21, 2017
Version 4.5
  • Added: The Exiland Backup website now has its own forum
  • Added: User interface was translated to Ukrainian and Turkish languages
  • Improved: FTP file transfer speed is increased
  • Added: Restoring access rights (CHMOD) when restoring files on FTP (Linux)
  • Added: Checking integrity of ZIP archive after creating
  • Added: The option "[x] Overwrite if backup already exists" is added
  • Added: Ability to specify source folders by mask, using the characters "*" and "?" is added
  • Improved: Password requirement for FTP settings (password may not be specified) is cancelled
  • Fixed: The problem of synchronization with the root folder on FTP is solved
  • Fixed: Some bugs and defects are fixed
January 1, 2017
Version 4.4
  • Added: User interface was translated to German
  • Added: Display of each file being copied above the progressbar (option "[x] Detailed Information")
  • Added: Option "[x] Compress the settings file when closing the program"
  • Improved: Deleting files during synchronizing
  • Fixed: Some problems with unicode are solved (for FTP)
  • Fixed: Problem with deleting source files
  • Fixed: Other small defects
November 23, 2016
Version 4.3
  • Added: Ability to specify a path using device name (e.g., "REMOVABLE:\MyFolder", where REMOVABLE is the name of removable disk)
  • Added: Ability to change the font size
  • Added: Ability to move files to the Recycle Bin during synchronizing
  • Added: Option "[x] Check for free disk space" in a task settings
  • Fixed: The problem with slowly archiving files over a LAN is solved
  • Fixed: The problem with memory leak is solved
  • Fixed: Some errors are fixed
  • Fixed: The problem with saving position of the main window is solved
  • Improved: The program behavior after the connection with source was broken
  • Improved: The program behavior after the connection with FTP was broken
  • Fixed: Some small defects
July 11, 2016
Version 4.2
  • Added: Unicode support
  • Improved: Limitations have been changed (scheduler was added, service functions were disabled)
  • Added: Ability to reduce CPU, Disk and Network usage (by changing priority of the program)
  • Added: Ability to run multiple versions of the Eiland Backup on your PC
  • Improved: The speed of file copying over the local network has been increased.
  • Improved: UTF-8 encoding for sending reports via email
  • Improved: Website of Exiland Backup is now operating via HTTPS protocol
  • Fixed: The error "Out of memory" is fixed
  • Fixed: The error "The device is not ready" for disabled disks is fixed
  • Fixed: The error "Not enough timers available" is fixed
  • Fixed: The error "Integer overflow" and "Division by zero" are fixed
  • Fixed: Other small defects are fixed
January 10, 2015
Version 4.0 build 1
  • Fixed: The problem of determining of new/modified files was solved
  • Fixed: Cyrillic symbols on notification window
  • Fixed: Error when you exclude a subfolders/files
  • Improved: When you delete a task the backups remains on the disk
  • Fixed: Some bugs and defects are fixed
December 16, 2014
Version 4.0
  • Added: The multi-threaded copy files support
  • Added: Ability to exclude subfolders/files from backup by mask
  • Improved: Reliability of the program was increased
  • Fixed: The problem with the file path length longer than 259 characters is solved
  • Fixed: The error "1219 - Multiple connections to a server or shared resource be the same user, using more than one username, are not allowed" is fixed
  • Improved: The algorithm of the deleting source files was corrected
  • Added: Ability to run a third-party applications under specified account
  • Added: Showing information (time/speed) when backing up files
  • Added: The option "[x] Interrupt group execution if this task has errors" is added
  • Added: The "Task - Save settings to ..." menu item is added
  • Added: The "Copy" and "Scan" buttons was duplicated in context menu
  • Added: The "Change" button was added in the "Help - About Exiland Backup" window
  • Improved: Saving positions of the groups in the task list
  • Fixed: The problem of switching between backups and logs was solved
  • Fixed: Some bugs and defects are fixed
August 4, 2014
Version 3.9
  • Improved: Procedure of updating of the program is simplified
  • Added: Ability to delete of the source files after performing a task
  • Added: Ability to select of charset e-mail notifications
  • Improved: The "Source files and folders" tab moved to a task properties. Added this column to the task list.
  • Improved: The button of scanning source data/analyzing changes is moved to the upper toolbar.
  • Improved: The log became more informative
  • Fixed: The error "Access denied" is fixed during synchronizing.
  • Fixed: Some defects
July 1, 2014
Version 3.8 build 2
  • Added: The option "[x] Compress the source files in the temporal folder, then copy the archive over the LAN"
  • Added: Total time of task execution is added to log
  • Added: Ability to set "Pause after successfully finishing the task" (other task settings)
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where you can not close the tip window
  • Fixed: some small bugs and defects
June 21, 2014
Version 3.8 build 1
  • Improved: Minor GUI improvements
  • Improved: By default, the program offers the temporary folder for duplicating of settings file
  • Fixed: Some defects are fixed
June 17, 2014
Version 3.8
  • Added: Synchronization files from FTP to a local/network disk
  • Added: Ability to use the "archive bit" to determine whether a source file is changed (attribute of file)
  • Added: SSL/TLS support (ports 465,587) for sending e-mails from,, etc
  • Improved: Algorithm of synchronization files is greatly optimized
  • Improved: Algorithm of copying of files via local network is greatly accelerated
  • Improved: Algorithm of ZIP compression is also accelerated
  • Improved: Algorithm of scanning of files is optimized
  • Added: Checking of accessibility of source/destination disk when file copying error
  • Added: Checking of accessibility of main storage location before starting a task
  • Added: Ability to cancel of current task on the top panel (the "Run Task" button changes to "Cancel Task")
  • Added: The "Open folder with backup" context menu item is added to "Created backups" tab
  • Added: The "Tools - Language" menu item is added
  • Added: The [DayOfWeek] variable for template of backups naming is added
  • Added: The log became more informative
  • Added: The "Open folder with backup" context menu item is added to "Created backups" tab
  • Added: Scale when deleting files from destination folder (synchronization)
  • Added: The "Columns settings" context menu item is added in the tasks list/backups list
  • Fixed: Fixed an error where hidden main window is incorrectly shown when restoring application from tray
  • Fixed: The problem with cyrillic symbols in the attachment file name is solved
  • Fixed: The error "Access violation at address ... Read of address 0000000A" is fixed
  • Fixed: Delete files with Read-Only attribute
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where the application may create full backup instead of incremental/differential
  • Fixed: The error "Floating point division by zero" is fixed.
  • Improved: Now the option "[x] Create FULL backup in any case" is also active for full backup
  • Improved: Minor GUI improvements
  • Fixed: Fixed an error where all files were saved in one folder (synchronization)
  • Fixed: Fixed an errors "invalid REST argument" and "Permission denied" where Exiland Backup download files via FTP
  • Fixed: Other errors and defects are fixed
April 25, 2013
Version 3.7 build 1
  • Improved: Reliability of FTP transfer was increased
  • Improved: Installer was perfected. By default, installation folder without a version number
  • Fixed: Status for "Synchronization" type is fixed
  • Fixed: Rare error "Invalid floating point operation" is fixed
  • Fixed: Some defects
April 1, 2013
Version 3.7
  • Added: Portable version
  • Added: You can show/hide columns in the main window
  • Added: Two status icons: 1) Task was cancelled 2) No error(s), but the backup was not created
  • Added: Column "Previous start" in the task list
  • Added: Animation for executing task in the task list
  • Added: The "[x] Create FULL backup even If no files have been modified since the last full backup" option
  • Improved: Windows size are adjusted to minimal screen resolution 800x600
  • Improved: The restriction of 2147 MB during the ZIP archive spliting into volumes is removed
  • Improved: Flashing the proggram on starting Windows is removed
  • Improved: The "Duplication" column contains the list of all destination folders
  • Fixed: The problem with synchronization of root of a disk is solved
  • Fixed: The problem with running of expired task having the "On starting PC" schedule is solved
  • Fixed: "Out of memory" error
  • Fixed: The problem with switching Alt+TAB is solved
  • Fixed: The problem with horizontal splitter is solved
  • Fixed: Some bugs and defects
October 10, 2012
Version 3.6
  • Added: For the full backup type creating full backup in any case, by pressing the "Run" key
  • Added: Check for updates function in the main menu
  • Added: Specifying a comment (label) for a future backup, by pressing the "Run" key
  • Improved: Tips at start the program are shown in a random order
  • Improved: User interface
  • Fixed defect: The program was not appear in taskbar
  • Fixed: Many bugs and defects
August 16, 2012
Version 3.5 build 9
  • Added: Capacity to select Code Page in FTP settings for reading of FTP directories, containing cyrillic characters
  • Added: Automatically capacity to close the program after a task is complete
  • Added: Capacity to add "(incremental)" or "(differential)" to a template of naming backups for incremental/differential backup types
  • Added: New variable for template of naming backups is "DayOfWeek" (day of week as text)
  • Improved: Algorithm of scanning of FTP directories is optimized
  • Improved: Interface is improved; flashing of task log is eliminated; some confirms are added
  • Fixed: The program priority in Windows Vista/7/2008 didn't change
  • Fixed: The error of import of a tasks from previous versions is fixed
  • Fixed: Other errors and defects are fixed
July 5, 2012
Version 3.5 build 8
  • Added: the "Window visibility state" option in a task settings (see the "Launch external applications" section)
  • Fixed: The problem with automatic changing the template of naming backups during the change of task name is solved
  • Fixed: The error "Failed to open database" is fixed
  • Fixed: Other errors and defects are fixed
June 28, 2012
Version 3.5 build 7
  • Added: Running external applications without console windows
  • Improved: Some functions are optimized
  • Fixed: several bugs and defects
June 4, 2012
Version 3.5 build 6
  • Added: Ability to set the working folder (with the "exilandbackup.tid" settings file) in any place.
  • Fixed: Some small bugs and defects
May 23, 2012
Version 3.5 build 5
  • Added: parsing FTP directory listing in MS-DOS format
  • Added: restoring of broken FTP connection with error codes 425, 426.
  • Added: preserving file dates when copying files from FTP server
  • Added: the "[x] Automatically lock the program on minimizing to the System Tray" option is added. This option is addition for protection the program with a password.
  • Fixed: Error with "Monthly" schedule type is fixed.
May 5, 2012
Version 3.5 build 4
  • Fixed: Problem with cyrillic characters during FTP operations is solved
  • Added: By default, the duplication of the settings file "exilandbackup.tid" is enabled for reliability purpose
  • Fixed: small defects
April 25, 2012
Version 3.5 build 3
  • Fixed: Some small bugs and defects
April 19, 2012
Version 3.5 build 2
  • Registration procedure is simplified
  • Added: Automatic removing old versions from autostart after installation of the new version
  • Added: Support of templates of backups naming containing text variables of month. For example, the [month] variable gets the value 'April'. This allows you to make backup name like "MyTask April 19, 2012 (15-50).zip"
April 10, 2012
Version 3.5 build 1
  • Fixed: Some small bugs and defects
  • Improved: Help
April 7, 2012
Version 3.5 build 0
  • Fixed: Exiland Backup does not copy a renamed or moved source files
  • Fixed: File modified date problem, for example, 10/18/2030 (future date), when that file is always new, even if it was not changed
  • Added: English version
  • Added: Sending a backup (ZIP archive) via e-mail as an attachment
  • Added: Back up the settings file "ExilandBackup.tid" (all settings) automatically to an additional folder
  • Added: After performing a task you can now: "Shut down PC", "Log off", "Sleep", "Hibernate", "Restart PC". This setting you can choose in the task properties
  • Added: User can open files (for example, with Notepad) from a backup copy
  • Added: Saving width of columns in the main window: task list, source data list, created backups list
  • Added: Scheduler - run tasks on shutting down your PC
  • Added: Build date information in About window is added
  • Improved: Synchronization. You can set to keep deleted files in the destination folder
  • Improved: Help
  • Improved: Group report
  • Fixed: Incremental,differential: The program does not create Full backup if the list of source data has changed
  • Fixed: Some small bugs and defects
December 12, 2011
Version 3.2
  • Improved: Synchronization algorithm
  • Improved: Fault tolerance: Restarting Exiland Backup in a critical error case; resuming files via FTP after the connection was broken
  • Added: Incremental,differential: Creating full backup in any case (optional)
  • Added: The "Other settings" section in a task properties
  • Added: The "Program behavior in an error case" section in common settings
  • Fixed: Some bugs and defects
October 01, 2011
Version 3.0

The Exiland Backup family of products includes the Standard Edition and the Professional Edition.

See Feature Comparison Chart to compare. This chart provides a quick reference showing the main features that are available in each edition.

  • Added: Back up new files or files that have changed since the last backup (incremental backup, differential backup)
  • Added: Synchronizing Files and Folders
  • Added: Grouping of tasks, run tasks consecutively
  • Added: Run tasks on PC start, on connect USB device
  • Added: Indication of backup process in System Tray
  • Added: Task management (pause, stop, cancel) during a task execution
  • Added: You can exclude files from backup with the following attributes: hidden, system и read-only
  • Improved: User Interface
  • Added: Flexible scheduler
  • Added: Unlimited number of folder to store backups
  • Added: Grouping backups by years, months
  • Added: Expired tasks management
  • Added: Three notification types (e-mail, Net Send, screen) after a backup
  • Fixed: Many bugs and defects
February 23, 2009
Update of version 2.2
  • Removed the message window "The Exiland Backup Starter service on Local Computer started and then stopped" on starting the program by the service;
  • Removed the error message Range Check Error on sending a report via e-mail from the program.
October 4, 2008
Version 2.2
  • Added Windows Vista support.
  • Fixed some errors.
  • Fixed the "Could not use "; File already in use" error which appears in Terminal Session.
  • Fixed bug with deleting a task which appears on some computers.
  • Improved interface.
May 3, 2008
Update of version 2.0
  • Added canceling backup operation during preprocess activity.
  • Added changing a priority of the program during task operation.
  • Fixed bug where command 'Open' the file from a ZIP archive had no effect.
February 9, 2008
Update of version 2.0
  • Fixed error where error message "Insufficient free disk space for the duplication of the backup copy" appears wrongly if an additional folder had not been created.
January 23, 2008
Update of version 2.0
  • Fixed the "A call to an OS function failed" error which appears on some computers.
October 25, 2007
Update of version 2.0
  • Fixed the "Multiple transactions are not supported for multi-volume archives - Native error: 00062" error which appears while the splitting a ZIP archive into multiple volumes.
  • Fixed problem with extracting of large Zip64 archives.
  • Added extracting files from a ZIP archive to the source locations.
  • Added saving size and position of the Main window on closing the program.
June 1, 2006
Version 2.0
  • Added SMTP-authentication for sending a report via e-mail.
  • Added ability to specify a path to a file or a folder like \\comp1\c$\ (i.e. without shared folders)
  • Added ability to select excluded subfolders for each folder.
  • Fixed bug with wrong place of storage of a passwords to an archives.
  • Added support of templates of naming a backup copies.
  • Added skipping files used by another application.
  • Improved interface.
  • Fixed bug with deleting old backup copies.
February 1, 2006
Version 1.5
  • Added simple copying of files (without pack in ZIP)
  • Fixed bug with duplicating of archive to an additional folder.
  • Minor performance improvements.
November 5, 2005
Version 1.3
  • Added support of large archives (more than 2,1 Gb). Applying Zip64 format.
  • Added splitting an archive into multiple volumes.
  • Added canceling of a task performance.
  • Added running a third-party utilities before or after a task performance.
  • Improved interface.
  • Added saving and loading a task's settings (*.tsk).
  • Added opening a file from an archive with/without Notepad.
  • Fixed small bugs.
June 30, 2005
Version 1.2
  • Added creating a sequences of the tasks.
  • Added setting conditions of performing a task.
  • Added setting a password for archives.
  • Added setting a limit of amount of backup copies (autodeleting of the oldest backup copies).
  • Added proxy settings of duplicating to FTP.
  • Added launching the program by the service Windows NT.
  • Added hint indicating a backup process.
  • Fixed bug with cutting the backup log.
February 19, 2005
Version 1.0
  • Creating backup copies automatically on the schedule or on the user's request.
  • Selecting files with a mask, excluded subfolders for each folder of backup task.
  • Standard ZIP compression data to save disk space or simple copying (copy files as is).
  • Storage of backup copies on various locations: LAN, local disks, removable disks, remote servers, shared folders, etc.
  • Duplication of backup copies to FTP servers, LAN, local disks or USB drives, etc.
  • Viewing of the created backup copies.
  • Restoring a lost files after a virus infection or a hard disk crash.
  • Backing up in the background mode not interfering with the other programs' activity.
  • Logging backup operations.
  • Sending an e-mail or Net Send notification with the backup creation details.