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What's new in version 6.1

In this version, we significantly improved the filters of the source files, achieved the correct scaling of fonts and UI elements when the scale of 125%, 150%, 175% and higher is specified in the Windows settings. In addition, we carried out internal optimization of the algorithms and provided for memory leak control to prevent the error of insufficient RAM memory, which appeared on large amounts of data. A number of new features have also been added and some bugs have been fixed.

Version History

You can view the full list of changes in the new version on the version history page:

We regularly refine the program, fix detected errors and defects, add new features, and optimize existing algorithms. For stable operation of the program, we recommend that you use the latest version of the program, even if you have not found anything new for yourself in the new version.

How do I test the new version 6.1?

Before updating to a new version, we strongly recommend that you test it.

If you have the Standard version, you can test the demo version of Exiland Backup Standard 6.1 (portable) on any PC without installing it. To do this, download it from here, unpack the ZIP archive into a temporary folder, copy the "WorkingFolder\ExilandBackup.tid" settings file from the previous version to the "Exiland Backup Standard\WorkingFolder" subfolder and run the "Exiland Backup Standard\ExilandBackup.exe"

If you have the Professional version, you can test the demo version 6.1 only on an another PC. Download it from here.

How do I update the program?

Updates and technical support are provided on a subscription basis (License Agreement, clause.5)

Log into your Personal Account and check if the new version is available for you. If available, you can update the program for free following the "Update" instruction.

If your subscription has expired, you can renew it from your Personal Account. If you renew, you will receive the latest version, as well as future updates and technical support.