What's new in version 6.4 (December 21, 2022)

In the new version, we created the Updater utility, added the ability to limit storage of backups by time, by total size, displayed information about the size of free space on the storage disks, added a context menu item for quickly enabling/disabling a scheduler, and fixed errors and defects.

TOP 3 new features of version 6.4

1. Created the Updater program for automatic updating of the Exiland Backup

Updater allows you to semi-automatically download and update the program on your PC.

Updater program

After the update, you just have to click on the "Run the program" button

automatically update

Now you can use this utility to automatically update the program to version 6.4

If there is no Internet on the PC where Exiland Backup is installed, then you can update the program by following the "Update" instruction from Your Account, as before. All instructions in the Your Account remain as a fallback for updating.

2. Added the ability to limit the storage of backups by time and the total size of backups

Sorage limits of backups

In Exiland Backup 6.4, it became possible to limit the storage of backups not only by the number of backups, but also by time, as well as by their total size. For example, you need to keep backups for the last 3 months, and the rest (outdated backups) will be automatically deleted.

The ability to limit full backups by the total size allows you to control the disk space that is allocated for storing backups. For example, you can specify a maximum of 10 GB that backups can take up on disk. Old backups beyond the specified size will be automatically deleted.

New features allow more flexible backup storage planning. These settings can be combined with each other.

3. Added "Enable" and "Disable" context menu items to the backup job list for quick scheduler management

context menu items to the backup job list

This menu item enables or disables the schedule. This can be useful if you need to temporarily suspend the automatic start of a backup job.

Version History

You can view the full list of changes in the new version on the version history page:

We regularly refine the program, fix detected errors and defects, add new features, and optimize existing algorithms. For stable operation of the program, we recommend that you use the latest version of the program, even if you have not found anything new for yourself in the new version.

How do I test the new version 6.4?

Before updating to a new version, we strongly recommend that you test it.

If you have the Standard version, you can test the demo version of Exiland Backup Standard 6.1 (portable) on any PC without installing it. To do this, download it from here, unpack the ZIP archive into a temporary folder, copy the "WorkingFolder\ExilandBackup.tid" settings file from the previous version to the "Exiland Backup Standard\WorkingFolder" subfolder and run the "Exiland Backup Standard\ExilandBackup.exe"

If you have the Professional version, you can test the demo version 6.1 only on an another PC. Download it from here.

How do I update the program?

Updates and technical support are provided on a subscription basis (License Agreement, clause.5)

Log into your Personal Account and check if the new version is available for you. If available, you can update the program for free following the "Update" instruction.

If your subscription has expired, you can renew it from your Personal Account. If you renew, you will receive the latest version, as well as future updates and technical support.

Update to version 6.4 in automatic mode

Download the Updater utility and save it to the program folder. In the properties of the "Updater.exe" file, click "Unblock" and then run Updater (it is recommended to run it with elevated permissions). Further, everything is simple.

Update to version 6.4 in manual mode

Log into Your Account and follow the "Update" instruction.