Documentation of Exiland Backup


Groups can be used for the visual grouping of a job according to a theme as well as a consecutive run of jobs.

Jobs can be independent, or can be included in a group. Each job can be included in one group only. All jobs in a group have an order number.

You can include/exclude a job from a group, and move a job from one group to another.

To move a job to an existing group, use the menu "Job" or context menu (right-click the job and then select "Move job to group").

To create a new group, specify following settings:

Group Name

Enter a name of a new group. You can also select jobs that you wish to include in the new group.

Schedule for group

If you defined a schedule for a group, then this schedule belong to the first job in the group, and then other jobs in the group will be run consecutively one by one. A group's schedule overlays the job's schedules in a group.

To get more information about setting a schedule, go to the section Creating a Job

Notification for a group

If notification for a group is set, then a short report with the result of each job in a group will be delivered.

To get more information about configuring notifications, go to the section Creating a Job