Documentation of Exiland Backup

Common settings

Tab "Common"

To edit the common settings, click the "Settings" button in the main window.

The common settings are the following:

Priority of the program during the job execution

This parameter influences the CPU loading by Exiland Backup

If the priority is low, then the CPU usage is also low, which makes backup creation process go slower. It is recommended to select the  "Lowest" option.

Tip in the notification area (Systray)

Exiland Backup displays icon in the system tray at the bottom right corner of the screen.

The tip appears when running a job. This tip is in the System Tray and shows the progress of a job executing. Here, you can specify how long to display the tip. If you chose "Display only N sec", then at the start of a job the tip will be displayed N seconds only, and then it will hide.

Maximum number of log entries

This setting defines how many logs to keep. The oldest logs will be deleted automatically.

Actions on closing the program (select action)

On attempting to close the program this question will be asked. Select an action. The selected action can be remembered.

Temporary folder for any operations

In some cases it is needed to use a temporary folder for creating a Zip archive. It is recommended to locate a temporary folder on a local hard drive.

If the source or destination is lost (drops out), expect it to reappear

When the connection to the server or disk is broken, the program will wait for the connection for a specified number of seconds. If the connection appears within the specified time, the program will resume the current file and continue the job execution. Otherwise, the job will be aborted and an error message will appear in the log.

Launch the program automatically when starting Windows

Every time Exiland Backup will be started at entering User the Windows if this option is set.

By setting Exiland Backup to autostart a shortcut is created in the menu "Start -> Programs -> Startup"

Tab "Settings file"

The settings file "ExilandBackup.tid" has the settings of all the jobs as well as the common settings of the program.

It is located in the work folder.

You can set the automatic back up of the settings file to an additional folder. For reliability purposes, it is recommended to store backup of the settings file on another disk.

Tab "Connections"

The connection settings for FTP, SFTP (SSH), etc., which are used elsewhere in the program, are displayed here. To change settings throughout the program, just change the settings on this tab.

Tab "Error Notification"

By default, in a critical error case the error window is shown and it is recommended to send the error information to the developer website.

This data is not confidential information. Sending will be performed via HTTP protocol. For Exiland Backup Professional e-mail notifications about errors you can set in the "Service settings"

Instead of showing an error on the screen, you can set the program to automatically send error information, and restarting the program. Specify the proxy settings for HTTP if needed.

To save the settings, click the "OK" button.

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