Documentation of Exiland Backup

Restoring files from backup

After creating backups, they appear in the backups list in the "Created backups" tab for each backup task (except synchronization).

The full path on the disk to the backup is shown in the first column.

If a backup was stored in several storage locations, then you can expand the node at the left by clicking the "+" button to view storage locations. Other columns contain the parameters of the created backups.

For each backup you can:

View and restoring

To review a backup, double click the backup in the list or click "View". After this, a window containing a list of files will appear. You can views the folders in the backup just as you view folders and files in Windows Explorer or a file manager.

A list of skipped files as well as the reason for any failed copying of each file can be read by clicking the "View" button located near the number of skipped files.

To restore files/folders from backup, you need to check the objects, and then click "Restore" below and specify restoring location for restoring:

to the specified folder ...

to source location

This will provide access to the backup and selected objects that will be restored.

You can also use Pkunzip, WinZIP, WinRAR for restoring files from a ZIP archive.

Go to Log

Clicking this button located under the list of backups enables you to review the log record according to the selected backup.


You can delete backups from the list and disk or from the list only.

Checking backup locations on a disks...

Exiland Backup displays a list of the created backups according to the real location backups on the disk.

However, the backups displayed in the list can be inaccessible.

Reasons for inaccessible backups:

It is recommended to set the list of backups in accordance with their real location on the disk. Please select a new folder to find the checked backups in the list.