Documentation of Exiland Backup

Restoring files from backup

Here you can learn how to restore files from a backup.

After creating backups, they appear in the "Created backups" tab for each selected backup job.

The first column of the list displays the full path on the disk where the main backup is located. If the backup has been saved to multiple locations, you can expand the node by clicking the "+" on the left to view information about other backup locations.

For each backup you can:

Restoring files from a single backup

To open the backup content select it and click "Restore". A window will appear listing the files contained within the backup.

Restoring files from full + all incremental (differential) backups

You can open full + all incremental (differential) backups at once in the cumulative mode, i.e. the program will summarize their contents and display a summary list in which the most recent files will be presented.
To open the full + all incremental (differential) backups, select the full backup in the main window and click "Restore - Cumulative mode".

Failed (skipped) files

A list of files inside the backup also contains skipped files that were not backed up. You can view these skipped files and see the reason (error text) for each failed file. Skipped files cannot be restored.

Restoring all files

To restore all files, click on the "Restore All" button.

Restoring files selectively

To restore files, select the files and folders that need to be restored, then click on the "Restore Selected" button.

Restore files to a specified folder

You can restore (unpack) files to a temporary folder for viewing or to manually copy them later to their original location.

Restoring files to their original location

The program remembers the original location of each file when creating a backup. Thus, you can quickly restore the lost files from the backup to their original location.

To restore files, the program will access the backup with the parameters with which the backup was created, and the files will be copied from the backup.

Restoring files without Exiland Backup

You can unpack a ZIP, 7-zip archive using one of the following utilities: Pkunzip, WinZIP, WinRAR, 7-Zip and other similar programs. To restore from incremental backups, you need first to unpack the full backup, then all the incremental backups, one by one.

Go to Log

Clicking this button located under the list of backups enables you to review the log record according to the selected backup.


You can delete backups from the list and disk or from the list only.

Checking backup locations on a disk...

Exiland Backup displays a list of the created backups according to the real location backups on the disk.
However, the backups displayed in the list can be inaccessible.

Reasons for inaccessible backups:

It is recommended to set the list of backups in accordance with their real location on the disk.
To check backups, you need click the "Check" button on the "Created backups" tab.

After checking, the result can be one of the following:
1) All backups are accessible
2) There are inaccessible backups. If they are not available on the disk, remove them from the list.

If the backups have been moved to a different folder on the disk, you can specify their new location.