Documentation of Exiland Backup

Step 3. Selecting files to backup

Source files may be located on the Local / LAN or FTP/SSH server.

Local / LAN

Click the "Add" button to show the file selection dialog.

Select the files and folders that you want to back up.

If you need to add a folder like "\\comp1\d$\MyData\", you must click the checkbox "Specify the path manually" and then enter the path.


If source data are located on an FTP/SSH, please specify the FTP/SSH settings and click "Connect". Then, select the files and folders and click OK to accept your selection.

Note! Exiland Backup supports the transparent proxy type only for FTP. You cannot use your login and password for proxy authentication.

The log of FTP/SSH commands is displayed in the bottom pane.

Click the "OK" button to close the selection dialog and you will see the specified files/folders in the list of selected objects.

Parameters of a selected folder

Rules of keeping path information for a source folder

Figure. Keeping path information inside a backup

The option "Keep path information inside a backup" can be used to specify the directory structure that you want to save for each source file inside a backup. If selecting , the entire directory structure will be preserved, including the drive name (letter). After you set up the task, you can click on the "Preview" button on the top panel in the main window, scan the source and find out how the path to each source file inside the backup will look like.

For each folder you can specify the following filters:

Rules of using masks the same for both excluded subfolders and files:

 * - all characters

 ? - any one character

Also, path to a folder may be specified by mask using * и ? characters.
For example, the "F:\Project" folder contains the following folders and files:
and you need to create a backup of those, which begin with the word "IMAGE" and the number of such folders is not known in advance. To do this, specify the path like "F:\Project\IMAGE*" or "F:\Project\IMAGE???" instead of a specific folder.

If you need to exclude all subfolders named "Temp" in all folders, specify the mask "*Temp"

NOTE! The folder mask can be specified in any part of the path, for example, in the middle: "c:\users\*\Documents". In this case the Documents folder will be copied from all profiles:

Enable VSS (Volume Shadow Copy)

The program allows you to copy open (locked) files using a shadow copy. This option is available only in Exiland Backup Professional and only for local disks with the NTFS file system. If this option is set, the program will create a temporary shadow copy of the disk (instant snapshot) on which the source files are located, and then copy the files from the shadow copy. After the task is completed, the temporary shadow copy will be deleted.

Follow symbolic links

This option tells the program that if the program encounters a symbolic one when scanning, it will move through it.

Delete source files after the task has been executed

The program allows you to delete the source files, but you should be careful with this option.


You can preliminarily scan the source files according to all the filters you selected. This allows you to know the size of the source data and see the list of files to be included in a future backup. For this, select the task and click the "Scan" button.

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