Documentation of Exiland Backup

Task conditions

After creating a task, you can view and change task properties at any time.

To view or edit the task properties, just click the task in the task list or select the task and click the "Properties" button.

A description of the main properties can be found in the section "Creating a task"

Below is a description of the additional properties.

Task conditions

Exiland Backup allows you to run a task under the specified conditions.

For example, you can define whether the task will be run or not in case the file/folder exists/does not exist.

Other options are intuitive and do not require a detailed description.

Conditions may be following:

Run the task only

If a condition is defined, then Exiland Backup will check it before executing a task. A backup will not be created if a condition is not met.

If you have defined several conditions, then to create a backup all the defined conditions must be met.