Documentation of Exiland Backup

Run task methods

There are several methods of starting a task:

Automatically (on schedule)

To run a task/group automatically you must specify the schedule in the task properties. After this, the timetable will be calculated and be shown in the tab "Start time".


You can run any task/group manually by clicking the "Run" button.

In a group

If a group of tasks is executing, then all the tasks in a group will be executed one by one.

On starting the PC

To run tasks/groups on starting the PC you must specify this setting in the schedule of the task/group.

To reduce processor usage, it is recommended to set a pause before starting the task/group at least 15 seconds to have time to load components, drivers, services, autorun programs, etc.

On shutting down the PC (for Standard Edition only)

Before shutting down or restarting your computer, the task/group will run automatically.

You can specify a pause before starting the task/group so that the other programs will have time to be unloaded from the memory, if needed.

On connecting a removable device (flash drives, removable HDD, etc.)

To run tasks/groups on connecting a device you must set this setting in the schedule of the task/group.

You must specify a device name (volume name), pause before starting and starting frequency (one time per day or on each connecting).

Run from the command line or .BAT file

Exiland Backup supports run tasks from the Windows command line.

You can run one or more tasks/groups.

Example: command line

"ExilandBackup.exe" -run=7;4;8 -minimize -q


ExilandBackup.exe - full path to the Exiland Backup program
-run - command "run"
7;4;8 - task's or/and group's identifiers semicolon separated. ID of a task/group you can see in the task/group properties in the section "Task Name"
minimize - minimize to System Tray
-q - quit after the specified tasks are finished

NOTE! The parameters of the command line must be space separated.

.BAT file

It is recommended to organize run tasks from the BAT file, and then set it for Windows auto start.

Example of .BAT file:

 The file "start.bat" contains the following line:

 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Exiland Backup Standard\ExilandBackup.exe" -run=7;4;8 -minimize -q

After the User logon in Windows, the file "start.bat" will be started and will run tasks with Id=7;4;8.

Exiland Backup will be closed after all tasks are finished.