Documentation of Exiland Backup

Launch external applications

You can launch third-party applications before or after making backups.

If you need a third-party application to be used for the job, select the "Launch external applications" item and specify the parameters you need.

Please enter a command to be executed (type in the "Command line" field). You can type a full path to an application with parameters, for example: C:\Windows\system32\calc.exe

A path can contain a volume name, for example "<SystemDrive>:\Windows\system32\calc.exe"

The following variables can be specified in the command line:

Variable Description
"[BackupFullPath]" Full path to the created backup, for example "D:\BACKUP\MyBackup_2021-04-29"
"[BackupFileName]" The name of the created archive (without path), for example "MyBackup_2021-04-29"
"[BackupName]" The name of the created backup without extension, for example "MyBackup_2021-04-29 21-53"
"[BackupFullPath_Temp]" Full path to the archive created in the temporary local folder
[Status] Job status: 1-backup created, 4-backup not created, 2-errors, 3-warnings, 5-job canceled
%TEMP% The path to the temporary folder in the current user profile/td>

NOTE! Text variables must be enclosed in double quotes because their values may contain spaces.

You can also specify the waiting settings for this Command line.

Analyzing the ExitCode (return code) allows you to interrupt your job in case of failure. To use this option you must know the failure exit code.

The set of parameters to run an external application "before" and "after" performing the job is similar.