Documentation of Exiland Backup

Step 7. Notification

All actions are logged during a job execution.

If you wish to be informed about the backups, their results and possible errors, you can specify where a report for each job/group will be sent:

You may use each type of notification independently.


You can specify the Subject as a template.

The subject may contain the following variables:


Specify the e-mail address from which the report messages will be sent. In addition, specify the SMTP server and Port. If authentication is required, then specify the login and password too.


The section "Recipients" specifies a list of e-mail addresses to which the report messages will be delivered.

Click the "Check settings" button to make sure that the specified settings are correct.

Screen Message

This notification type is a simple showing of the windows with a detailed report about the finished job/group. You can set the showing of a report in any case or if there are errors/warnings only.

Windows Event Log

This type of notification works only in Exiland Backup Professional and is a recording of events (results of backup jobs) in the Windows Event Log, which you can view using right-click in the "Start - Event Viewer" menu, then "Windows Logs - Application"